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TAE 2020 Yarn Birds: January Project of the month By Megan O.

You can choose your color of yarn for you birds.

Step 1.) Wrap yarn around the template 30 times. One group for the head color. One for the body color, and a third for the wing color. Step 2.) Criss cross the head and chest colors. 3.) Tie the yarn with it"s matching color.

Step 4.) Run the wings color across behind the head, and stuff a small crumpled piece of paper into the center of the wing color. Step 5.) Now take all the yarn strands and pinch them together to create the body of the bird. Step 6.) Tie all the strands together with the an extra piece of yarn, and trim.

Add legs and feet.

Use felt for the beak.

Add any color beads for the eyes.


Chirp, Chirp!

Tweet, tweet!! This will be your end results for your yarn birds. This project will be hard but fun, especially with a friend.


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